The New BuzzCards and BuzzBadges

The all-new BuzzCards and BuzzBadges are here, and they no longer require your customers to use the old ReviewBuzz review portal.

In fact, the change the old portal review process from nine laborious steps to three breezy steps you’re customers will love.

New BuzzCards are review request cards that have a QR code that make it easy and safe for your service team to ask for a review in person.

BuzzBadges are badges your team clips to their uniform that customers can scan from a socially safe distance. They are completely touchless and are FREE with every BuzzCard order.

Point. Click. Reviews.
Seriously…That’s All it Takes.

All your customer has to do is…

  1. Point their phone camera at the QR code.
  2. Click a link.
  3. Write a review.

Try it for yourself!

Point your phone’s camera at the QR code to see it in action.

Which would you rather have your customers do?

New BuzzCardsOld BuzzCards
1. Scan1. Go to your phone or computer
2. Click2. Open a web browser
3. Review3. Type in address bar
4. Click “Write Review”
5. Type the company name
6. Choose who helped you
7. Enter your name and email address
8. Pick a review site
9. Write a review

You’ll Get More Reviews. And More Revenue!

Each employee has a unique set of cards and badges with their name, photo and QR code.

And each employee earns points, rewards, and recognition in ReviewBuzz for their reviews.

This inspires your service team to deliver great service and ask for even more customers for reviews. 

And that means more stellar Google reviews, more service calls and more revenue!

You’ll Save Time. You’ll Save Money.

The new BuzzCards and Badges puts the review request process where it belongs. With your service team. 

When your service team asks, your office staff is relieved of having to manually send review requests after a job is complete.

The office staff will save at least 8 hrs per week. 

Dispatchers and CSRs will absolutely love you for it!

Keep It Safe. And Socially Distant.

With BuzzCards and Badges, your team can ask for reviews and still maintain social distance. 

The cards and badges are touchless and can be scanned at a socially safe distance.

Your team and your customers will appreciate it.

Here’s the Catch…Kinda…

…you can only use them in the new upgraded ReviewBuzz platform.

The good news is you should already have access to the new platform!

Simply go here and log in with your current username and password. (Click “Toolkit” in the left menu to find the BuzzCards).

If you have any questions or need any help, schedule a 15-minute training with us here.


Where will my customers be directed when they scan the code or visit the link?

They will be directed to your Google My Business Page (GMB) if they are logged into Google, or if they are not logged into Google, to your BBB page or your ReviewBuzz page if you don’t have a BBB listing set up.

What if my customers aren’t tech-savvy and don’t know how to scan?

Great! Then BuzzCards will be even better than emailing or texting a request. Your team can just leave the card with the customer and they can simply type the short URL on the card in a web browser and in a quick few seconds they will be able to write a review.

What if I can’t get my team won’t do ask?

The best way to overcome this is to find the one tech who you know will be open to trying and then ordering them a set of cards. Once he is successful and sees how easy it is, motivating the other people on the team will be much easier.

How will I know that it’s working?

All reviews earned from BuzzCards and Badges will be tracked uniquely in your dashboard so you can see how effective they are.

Can I change the message or design on the cards?

Not currently, but we have that on our product roadmap. In the meantime, you could add the code on the back of your business cards.